Hiram Ball came to figurative sculpting as an extension to his business career via a series of unique turns, and genetics. His grandparents had a talent for painting and could claim Charles M. Russell and his protégé, Joe deYong, as friends when they had their ranch in Idaho in the early 1900’s. In addition, his mother was a respectable painter, so the visual arts were always in the home, as well as an environment that appreciated the arts while growing up on a working farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

However, the entrepreneurial spirit took over after a stint in the Marines and college. “Creating a business or creating a work of art draws on the same creative instincts,” is his position. While training sculptors and giving workshops on how to use several of the products he developed as casting mediums, he became intrigued with doing his own figurative sculpting and life casting. After taking workshops from some of the best figurative sculptors in Scottsdale, AZ and Loveland, CO, and with extensive study of anatomy, he was convinced that clay, molds and bronze were his medium.

“To me, the human body is the most unique form in the world when you consider how it moves, conveys emotion and energy, while each individual is unique in the their own right. The stories the figure tells, if you only look. My goal is to interpret that in clay first and then into a permanent bronze casting, for others to enjoy. It is a difficult quest. The fun is trying to capture it. Viewing Rodin’s “She Who Was Once the Helmet-Maker’s Beautiful Wife” and the “Gates of Hell” in Paris had a strong impact on reinforcing this decision to become a figurative sculptor.

An Orleans, MA resident, he currently is working from his studio in Harwich, MA.   

Represented by Gallery Antonio, Chatham, MA.


  • Franklin & Marshall College, BA, 1968

 Workships & Private Study

  • Scottsdale Artists School

    • Jerry Cox, Tuck Langland, FNSS, Lincoln Fox, FNSS, John Coleman, FNSS & CA

  • Duncan MacDiarmid

  • Fritz White, CA

  • Walt Horton & Lincoln Fox, FNSS

 Teaching Experience

  • Scottsdale Artists School with Jerry Cox:  "Mold Making and Casting"

Professional Memberships

  • Founding Board Member of the Association of Lifecasters International
  • Board of Directors (Treasurer) of the National Sculpture Society, New York, New York
  • Elected Member, (Juried) The American Artists Professional League, New York, New York
  • Board of Directors (Associate Director) American Artist Professional League
  • Beachcombers Club, Provincetown, MA